Octopoos Research

Bringing the benefits of digital Coach with AI to everyone who dreams to expand their opportunities. We work on future where artificial intelligence and neural network will help everyone to achieve goals faster and more efficiently.



Octopoos is a model of modern software solutions and approaches for effective organization of the work process and goal achievement.

We offers tools for personal development and acquisition of new knowledge, using the functions of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI Artificial inteligence
ML Machine learning


The objective of the Octopoos research is to create all the necessary conditions for the full development of the individual and the maximum disclosure of its talents.

  • Provide everyone with easy-to-use tools for daily work with their goals, with social component and the system of motivation from community.
  • Provide the authors of educational programs and coaches with a digital space where they can present their own progressive education methods to the interested, motivated and progressive audience.

Comprehensive human development is the essence of our brand.



Octopoos is a team of young, ambitious people who believe in the value of their developments and the positive impact they can have on each participant.

We allow ourselves to think on a large scale, ready for changes and will be able to help everyone to step on an interesting and exciting way of their own self-development.

We are proud that through the modern technologies we can help, motivate and inspire, giving people the opportunity to choose the shortest way of goals achievement.



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